iris on Benefits

The brief was to create a piece that would convey all of the iris company benefits for new employees of
the agency.

iris, as an independent agency, had always had a culture of sticking together against the big boys of the industry, a kind of us v them attitude, a sense of family and unity. The fact that they also offered a fantastic number of benefits, gave rise to the idea iris on Benefits - one big family on loads of benefits.

It was essential to the idea that we cast entirely from within the agency. So after a thorough selection process that brought together staff from every department of the agency, we set out to create a series of real, raw images to capture the lives of our Southwark-based family, which also needed to link directly to each of the iris company benefits.

The final shots show just how committed everyone was to the project. The final piece (a 40-page book, 25cm x 25cm) is an informative and engaging guide that captures the creative, irreverent spirit of the agency.

Since the shoot, the childcare image – featuring my daughter – won the coveted Public's Choice Award
at the AOP Photography Awards and was exhibited among a selection of outstanding images of 2012.


And the reaction to the book itself, after it was publicised in Campaign, took everyone by surprise...