Smart - The Road to Enlightenment

City driving is stressful. But Smart’s For-Two was built for the city. So the only way to become a happier, more
enlightened driver is to drive a Smart. We called it the Road to Enlightenment.

We kicked off the campaign with an entertaining site to show off the Smart's innovative design and eco-savvy
features, hosted by fictional life coach Dr Tridion (Matt Berry).

Users are treated to extracts from Dr Tridion’s best-selling book, brought to life by blending animation with real
footage, and invited to take a series of unconventional tests that lead you towards booking a test drive. We also
created The Glovebox Guru - Dr Tridion’s unique guide for keeping calm on the road.

The site went on to win a Flash In The Pan Gold Award, and was a Webby Award Finalist.