In the lead up to the Brazil World Cup, I had an idea for a World Cup song I just couldn't let go. I recorded a demo and pitched it to BBC Sport Relief. They loved the idea, but had already arranged to record with Gary Barlow. Ooof, take that.

Undeterred, I contacted StreetLeague, a UK charity which helps young Brits change their lives through the power of football. They loved the song and jumped on board.

So the following months were spent writing, recording, recruiting, singing, choreographing, filming, and negotiating with publishers to release the Macarooney - a parody of one of the world's best-selling songs. 

It was officially released on iTunes two weeks before the tournament began.

To give an idea of the song's impact ...

By the time of England's final match against Costa Rica, the video had been watched almost 200,000 times in over 170 countries. It was viewed more times than any other England song for the tournament, beating the BBC's Sport Relief video and Omid Djalili’s star-studded video by a mile.

It was played on Talk Sport national radio, had extensive online coverage, appeared in national and local press, was reported in Sweden, Germany, Australia and Romania, and was even adopted by schools as part of their Sports Day.

And it raised a few bob for Streetleague too.

As proud as I am of this achievement, I’ll always wonder how big it could have been had Woy’s Boys gone further in the tournament…

Lyrics and performance by D&OD
Deon Sensky & Dan O’Doherty
Producer Jason Fonfé
Recorded at Big Mouth Studios UK
(c) Warner Chappell 2014

"MACAROONEY is a masterpiece. Surely the greatest unofficial England World Cup Song for Brazil 2014. Mind you, have you heard the other rubbish that's out there?" Clive, Wandsworth


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