"Give Deon the most challenging of briefs and he'll work his magic to give you something fresh and engaging. A consummate professional, he is articulate and approachable and very comfortable in front of clients."

Arthur Parshotam, Global Creative Director, Ogilvy

“Deon is not only talented, he's tenacious. He’s one of those people who can take a seemingly unpromising brief and turn it into gold. In terms of craft, he's a perfectionist who sets himself high standards which, come hell or high water, tiny budgets or daft timings, he will meet.”

Shaun McIlrath, Exec Creative Director, iris Worldwide

"Deon is a proper creative all-rounder: solid, insight driven ideas, brilliant art direction and he’s also an excellent writer. If this weren’t a smorgasbord of skills already, he’s also a musical talent. Above all, he’s just a lovely bloke to have around the place, friendly, enthusiastic and with a great line in banter.”

Ali Brushfield, Creative Director, Earnest

“Having never ridden a horse before, I was nervous when I was bequeathed Deon by an ill friend. But he proved himself a faithful steed indeed. I am thankful for the time we had together. Interestingly, Deon is not only a delightful geegee, but also a terribly talented creative. Award-winning ideas seem to spill out of him like rainbow-flavoured vomit. His prowess in art direction is matched only by his skill as a writer. All in all, he's a frustratingly good all-round creative bloke/horse.”

Johnny Watters, Copywriter, Claydon Heeley (now Creative Director, Ogilvy)

"Deon is a talented creative with a strong work ethic who takes pride in ensuring his product is of the highest quality. He has built strong relationships with other creatives, account teams and clients and has been at the heart of some of our most successful campaigns.”

Tom Crossley, Partner, iris Worldwide (now WCRS)

“It is easy to Produce work for someone like Deon who has a clear vision and is passionate about his craft. Deon is inspirational, always pushing the boundaries and making the work as good as it can be. To name his other qualities I would say he's great fun to be around and a generous spirited man."

Jane Rattle, Head of Broadcast, iris Worldwide

"I worked alongside Deon on several campaigns - including a high profile fully integrated launch campaign for a demanding client. He is a pleasure to work with and not only got on with the task quickly and efficiently, but continued to produce great work.”

Mike Kerry, Senior Producer, Ogilvy

Additional references available from:
Al Young, Creative Director, St.Luke's
Sacha Ward, Creative Director, BBH
Will Awdry, Creative Director, Ogilvy, Big Fish
Michael Quinn, Creative Director, VCCP
Shnoosee Bailey, Creative Director, Hey Human